Professional Bee Control and Honey Sellers in Maui Island

Competitively Priced Services at Alii Bee Company 


Experienced Bee, Wasp and Bird Exterminators 

Bee, wasp and bird infestations are not only irritating, but can also cause serious health damage. If you find a nest on your property, get our crew to eliminate them. 

We have over 15 years of experience in the industry. 
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Mouthwatering Honey for Sale

Looking for fresh comb honey can be a tough task. Alii Bee Company is the right dealer for your need. Throughout the year we sell a variety of honey types. 

We're a local and family-owned business. Call us for FREE estimates
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Understand Beeswax and Raw Pollen

Pollen has an antibacterial property that strengthens the immune system. 
Also, wax composition rarely depends on the bee species. 

Call 808-250-9794 to know more about wax and raw pollen.
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